Welcome to Year 3

Class Teacher: Mr T Sandercombe

Welcome back, after the summer break, to Year 3. This Autumn term will see a lot of new challenges for the children as they begin their journey as a KS2 pupil. The children will be asked to become more responsible for their own learning and character development. This will be mirrored in our metacognition focus for the term which is self-knowledge. Although the change from KS1 can be daunting for some, as the term progresses they will begin to thrive on the increased expectations of Year 3. 

Learning Journey

This term, we will be asking ourselves ‘What qualities does it take to become a hero or heroine?’ This learning question will be linked to the centenary of the WW1 armistice and the heroes that were part of the great war. The final outcome of the journey will go as part of a school-wide contribution to the Shaldon commemoration event on Remembrance Sunday. The children will work as historians during this topic and in doing so, will look to enlist the help of experts to further their understanding of WW1. In order to fully understand the qualities needed to become a hero or heroine, we will look initially at our own perceptions of what they are, before focusing on one particular type of hero or heroine and exploring the qualities they must have. Our literacy focus, this term, will be divided amongst writing a recount and writing a poem. We will also have a stand-alone narrative unit that will look at the description of a setting in Autumn.


This term’s maths will look at the initial components of number sense (being place value) as well as additive reasoning (which will primarily be adding and subtracting up to 3-digit numbers), multiplicative reasoning (looking at multiplying and dividing using the 3, 4, 6 and 8 times tables) and some geometric reasoning (focusing on angles and 2D and 3D shapes). Whilst still early on in the year, I would like parents to continually support their children with times table practise as it underpins so many aspects of the maths curriculum. Another area identified as posing a challenge, in Year 3, is our work on fractions and any additional support that could be provided on this topic, at home, would be greatly appreciated.


This term’s metacognition will be aimed at self-knowledge. The children will be encouraged to explain what it means and to start thinking about applying it to their own learning. Throughout their learning journey, maths and literacy work, the children will be asked how they feel they have done and what they think they need to do to improve the areas of development they identify.

I am excited to get to know the class, throughout the term, and to see how each of their personalities blossoms in Year 3. I hope that all members of the class embrace the change to Key Stage 2 and the progress we can all make as learners.  


Key Performance Indicators - Year 3