Welcome to Year 3

Class Teacher: Mr T Sandercombe

Learning Journey

This term, Year 3 will be journeying into the mind of an artist – in particular an expert in collage. We will be trying to answer the question “How can I become an expert in collage to showcase our village.”


To achieve this goal, the children will research into what collage is and how to create one as well as looking at our own local environment. We have already embarked on a ‘Welly Walk’ around Shaldon to see what we have in our own village and to get ideas of what we might want to portray later on in the term. This has and will also be linked closely to our literacy work, during the term, where the children will look to draw on their first-hand experience to create an artistically woven tale.


Throughout the journey, we shall have visitors from local colleges and 6th forms to introduce the children to the idea of collage. We hope that the children will be able to draw on these experts in an attempt to build an understanding of the topic and to support their attempt at keeping an artistic journal. We will be covering many different skills such as colour, line, shape, tone and finally looking at mosaics to create a new piece to go outside the school.


In our writing, we shall be looking at setting descriptions, poetry and plot. To secure our understanding of these, we will look at tenses, noun phrases, fronted adverbials, the inclusion of our 5 senses, complex sentences and figurative language.


In maths, we will continue to build our understanding across the KPIs for Year 3. We will focus our minds on areas such as measurements and statistics, as well as continuing our development in written methods and our times tables knowledge. The children will continue to be pushed to experiment with reasoning, in an attempt to support their confidence when tackling questions involving this higher order thinking.


Key Performance Indicators - Year 3