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Year 5 Residential to Pixies Holt

The following text is a model the children used in class to reflect on their recent trip to Pixies Holt and the qualities they’d shown. The child in the text is fictional but the day’s events are real. Can you spot the fronted adverbials of time, place and manner? Year Five did very well finding them and had a fantastic time on their residential taking part in orienteering, caving and shooting arrows to boot!

Early on Monday morning, we set off into the grey, misty September drizzle for our very own Class Five adventure. Wheezily, the minibuses struggled up and down the enormous Dartmoor hills and around the tight and winding lanes. Before long, we arrived at our destination and hopped eagerly off the bus and into the blustery grounds of Pixies Holt. Right away, we had a tour of the vast house and were shown where to go in the unlikely event of a fire. 

Once we had finished our tour of the centre, we were given the dreaded task of making our beds. Nervously, I opened my bag to check that my mum had packed everything I needed. Once I found the sheets, I began to fit them to my bunk (mine was at the top). Unfortunately, the sheets kept popping off every time I tried to put on another corner. However, despite the repeated setbacks, I was determined to get it right. I showed great determination to make sure my bedding was on properly and I felt extremely proud once I finally managed it. Although it was my first time making my bed, I felt I managed pretty well. I felt really frustrated at times but once I’d all four corners to stay, it felt amazing.

Immediately after making our beds, we went for a walk with the instructors, Ru and Baz. Carefully, we made our way down to the river and crossed it by jumping from stone to stone. I was nervous to begin with because I was worried about falling in. Just then, someone in front of me slipped off the stone and got wet feet. Because everyone found it funny and showed friendship by helping them back up, I wasn’t so worried any more. I plucked up some courage and stepped out onto the first rough, uneven stone. As I got further out, I stopped worrying and really started to enjoy the experience. Once I got across, I felt elated and bolder than I had before.

After we got back from our walk, we ate a delicious dinner of rich bolognaise and steaming apple crumble with custard. I was stuffed up to my eyeballs with food but showed great selflessness by eating some of Isla’s birthday cake – even though I had no room! However, despite everything being so wonderful, I began to miss my parents. I could feel myself getting hot in the face and my heart sinking. I wouldn’t be able to see them or my pet bug Pop this evening! Trying my hardest to be brave, I joined in with the orienteering but struggled to hold back the tears. When my friend asked if I was OK, I took a long, deep breath and decided to be honest with him about how I was feeling. My friend was really understanding and helped distract me. I was so grateful that he was so kind and compassionate towards me.

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