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Class Teachers: Mrs Susie Cairns & Mrs Kirstie White


For the first half of the term, the whole school will have a historical curriculum focus investigating the question, ‘Why do people explore?’ The journey will begin with discussing personal explorations and reasons for discovery followed by delving into the realms of explorers both past and present.

How better to help answer our question than to study some of the greatest explorers in history – the Vikings.

A deeper look into the Vikings will be initiated by an expert historical storyteller sharing inspirational stories of the Vikings. A wonderful creative approach to gain historical knowledge. This will be followed up by a visit to a Viking village where children will learn about their everyday living and reasons for their notorious explorations and the impact that their findings had. Throughout this immersion we will continually be reflecting on our question and developing historical skills including knowledge, a chronological understanding of historical events of that era and to recognise why people did things, why events happened and what happened as a result.

Once our exploration of the Vikings is complete we will communicate and present our findings to others. Our outcome will be a Viking banquet where parents will be invited to attend and attempted to be persuaded to join their Viking children in their explorations to other worlds. They will discover how, where and most importantly why they think it is good for their parents to join them in their explorations. Those that dare will catch a longboat through the treacherous waters and join in on a Viking raid.

Incorporated within our journey literacy skills will be covered ensuring year 4’s key performance indicators are covered through a variety of genres. These will include creating a Character profile of a Viking of their choice, recounts of a Viking saga describing their explorations and finally a persuasive piece of writing which will be presented at our Viking banquet which will answer our learning question.

As a school we will be following the year 4 white rose scheme to ensure a broad curriculum coverage. Through this, children will be given the chance to develop their concrete, pictorial and abstract mathematical skills. Children will undertake weekly arithmetic tests and weekly x table challenges where the focus will be on fluency and speed of recall.


Home learning

Home learning is an important way of establishing a regular routine of working at home and strengthening the link between home and school. In year 4 the expectation is 40 minutes a week and supported by parents if necessary.


The children will be given 10 spellings a week which they will be expected to learn in preparation for a weekly test.

Times tables

The children will be assessed on their X tables and will be given individualised targets. They will be expected to spend time throughout the week learning these at home as well as being supported at school. This will be monitored closely with weekly challenges in class as a means of assessment and to ensure progress.

Mrs Cairns & Mrs White

Key Performance Indicators - Year 4

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