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Village walk inspires creative writing.

This term, pupils will be learning about two key anniversaries that are taking place this year: the Centenary of the end of WW1 and of Woman’s suffrage.   To support this, at the beginning of the new school year, all children in Key Stage 2 took a walk to the war memorial in the heart of Shaldon village.  They all enjoyed the visit and back in class reflected on the significance of the events of World War 1.  The children spent time thinking about and discussing the qualities that heroes and heroines need and they then produced some superb descriptive writing.   Below is a wonderful write up of her visit by Sophia in Year 6.

Cloud was scarce in the sapphire blue sky the morning we adventured out on our wander. Like we had the world to ourselves, a beautiful silence was present on the neighbourly streets holding the passage to our destination. The refreshing aroma of raindrops soaked into the grass wafted up my nose, pleasantly surprising my senses. Curiosity took the better of me. Itching to arrive, I quickened my pace hoping to catch a glimpse of where were heading. Soon enough we arrived and the pure beauty beholded here overwhelmed me. Thought provokingly the unique structure whispered to me to creep closer.  A tapestry of memories coated where we were standing. Surrounding the focal monument was an array of bioluminescent colours luminous from plant pots and hanging baskets.  As the clock struck nine, the golden Roman Numerals shone maliciously as if to say something. Taking a closer look, numerous names reached their tired arms out to me and told me their stories. Not only was I pitiful but I was proud, proud of these names engraved upon a plaque, proud of our heroes. Selfless, courageous and resilient these fellows marched out to battle and with great dignity, did not return.

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