Welcome to Year 1

Class Teacher: Mr Hodgson

My name is Tom Hodgson and I am the Year 1 class teacher. We have the most amazing team in Year 1 and we have been enjoying being back in school with our friends and continuing our impressive learning.


This half-term we are prioritising reading and this forms the backbone of all that we do in Year 1. Phonics kicks our day off, where we learn all the letter sounds and how to blend sounds together to read words. Due to the lockdown period towards the end of last academic year, we have been busy identifying where our gaps are, plugging those and moving forward with pace and purpose. Children are expected to read at home every day for at least 10 minutes and we are aiming to reach Yellow book band level and move on quickly before the October half-term.


Our learning journey has begun with looking at what curriculum is and what it means to us. We have been thinking about what makes a great learner and what we need to do to be a better learner. We have also started to think about targets for reading, writing and maths. Our first piece of writing was a story about friendship. And we end this half-term learning journey by looking at the challenges artists face and we aim to learn how to produce a fantastic painting (of wild flowers on canvas).


In maths, we are focusing on number and place value, doing lots of counting, ordering and comparing, first practically, then through pictures and finally, in a more abstract way, but always in context and always related to our everyday lives.


Learning in Year 1 at Shaldon is fun and rewarding!

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