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Welcome to Year 1

Class Teacher: Mr Hodgson

This half-term, the Year 1 children be scientists, learning all about the weather. They will also be artists, learning all about the amazing work of Pablo Picasso. Their enquiry questions are, ‘How do I become a weather presenter?’ and 'How do I produce a piece of art in the style of Picasso?' 


Their science enquiry will kick off with a Zoom meeting with ITV Westcountry Weather presenter ,Charlie Powell. The children will think about questions they could ask him to help them understand how to become weather presenters themselves. Charlie's feedback will shape the course of the learning journey for the children. Throughout the enquiry, the children will acquire new knowledge about how the weather is measured and the accompanying vocabulary used to describe it. They will then have a go at presenting the weather themselves. 


Their art enquiry will look at the work of Picasso and explore techniques he used to create his masterpieces, particularly those inspired by his Cubism work. The children will find out when in history Picasso was an artist and they will plot this on a giant timeline, along with other historical dates they already know from previous learning experiences. The children's outcome for this enquiry will be a self-portrait in the style of Picasso, which demonstrates their creativity with colour and shapes.

Weekly Timetable 2022/23
Year 1 Long Term Planner 2022 /2023 

Key Performance Indicators - Year 1


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