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Class Teacher: Mr Hodgson

My name is Tom Hodgson and I am the Year 1 class teacher. Year 1 at Shaldon is a fun and exciting place to be where we’re learning, this term, to be great learners. We’re learning that the best learners learn from their mistakes, that they are reflective and that they embrace challenge. This new school year will be filled with challenges that push each and every child to reach their full potential, in all areas of our rich curriculum.

Summer 1:

When and why did people travel to the moon?

We are embarking upon our final term of Year 1 and what an exciting term it promises to be! Our new character gateway is ‘Flourishing’ and for us it’s all about taking responsibility. There seems no better way to do this than to start our very first individual Learning Journals. We will have to be responsible for making sure that the work in these books is the very best it can be.

We return to a history focus this half-term. We are looking at the lives of others. In this case it is the lives of the astronauts of 1969 moon landing adventure. We will be thinking about why their mission was such an important historical event. We will be looking at the details of their mission and our task is to be able to re-tell this mission, writing a knowledge-rich recount all about it. We may only be in Year 1 but we have the highest expectations and we want to delve deeply into the history of the space race and wow people around school with our knowledge and our vocabulary.


We are so excited about this coming term. Learning in Year 1 at Shaldon is so much fun and so very rewarding!

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