Welcome to Year 1

Class Teacher: Mr Hodgson

My name is Tom Hodgson and I am the Year 1 class teacher. Year 1 at Shaldon is a fun and exciting place to be where we’re learning, this term, to be great learners. We’re learning that the best learners learn from their mistakes, that they are reflective and that they embrace challenge. This new school year will be filled with challenges that push each and every child to reach their full potential, in all areas of our rich curriculum.

Once we have really got to grips with what it means to be a great learner, we are going to apply these principles to a fascinating art Learning Journey, looking at how colour and tone can be used to create a printing masterpiece, inspired by Andy Warhol’s hibiscus blossom artwork of 1964.

In maths we are going to be looking at number and place value. We will be counting forwards and backwards using number lines and hundred squares. We will look at how numbers can be represented. We will compare and order numbers using the <, > and = symbols and ordinal numbers. By the end of this term we’re sure to be experts in all things number!

In PE we will be learning new ball skills through a range of multi-skills activities and will apply these skills to help us play the game of handball. We’ll also be learning about shapes, rolls, jumps and balances as part of our gymnastics work. The aim is to put these skills together in an awe-inspiring gymnastics sequence – look out Olympics!

We are so excited about this coming term. Learning in Year 1 at Shaldon is so much fun and so very rewarding!

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