Welcome to Year 1

Class Teacher: Mr Hodgson

My name is Tom Hodgson and I am the Year 1 class teacher. We have the most amazing team in Year 1 and we have been enjoying being back in school following lockdown. There is nothing better than being back with our friends, continuing our highly impressive learning.


During this final, summer term we will focus on ensuring we’ve mastered all of our sounds and really got to grips with blending these sounds to read words. Reading has been our priority from the start of the year and we are determined that we will end the year having reached our full potential in this area, despite all the challenges this year has presented us with. It will also be important for us to go into Year 2 being able to read high frequency and common exception words fluently (see word lists below). But above all else, we want to leave Year 1, at the end of this term, loving reading and wanting to read for pleasure.


In writing, we are moving on to look at spelling, punctuation and grammar. We understand that sentences need to start with a capital letter, have finger spaces between words, end in a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark and make sense, but now we begin looking at more complex sentence structures and word classes. By the end of this term all children should know what a noun, verb and adjective is and be able to give examples. We are also developing our Letterjoin pre-cursive handwriting, starting letters from the line. You can see our Letterjoin formations below and you can even print out some Letterjoin paper to practise at home.


In maths, we are going to be looking at multiplication and division and will be working in practical ways to really get to grips with the idea of multiplying and dividing. There will also be the challenge to learn times tables, focusing on the 10, 5 and 2 times tables initially.


In our Learning Journey, we will design and construct a pop-up book to share with our friends next door in Reception Class. Our stories for these books will be word-processed and printed off and attached to our pop-up book pages. We’ll take inspiration from a wide range of quality texts, including the spellbinding ‘Haunted House’ by Jan Pienkowski.

We are so excited about this coming term. Learning in Year 1 at Shaldon is so much fun and so very rewarding!

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Additional Resources

Common Exception Words
High Frequency Words
Letterjoin Letters
Letterjoin Paper - MEDIUM