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Welcome to Year 1

Class Teacher: Miss Alam

Autumn Term 1

This term  is about settling back into school life, with new routines in a new environment. We will be looking at what it means to be a good learner, venturing into the past at our time in Reception. It’s about what changes we should make to our expectations for us all to succeed. As a class, we will look at the values and skills a good learner should have, seeing how we can apply all of this to ourselves to push our learning balloon further. This will help us develop an understanding of why being a good learner is so important in helping us become the best we can be, and how it will support our future. 

The Year 1 children will then be applying these important skills and values to become artists. We will be asking the question “How do I create a self-portrait inspired by Pablo Picasso?” We will look at all the skills and values an artist needs to have and will compare Pablo Picassos art to the artwork of Wassily Kandinsky (who we learnt about last year). As part of our learning, we will think about the colours we use and how the colours make us and other people feel. We will learn more about what happens when we mix colours together. As a class, we will also be thinking about the term cubism and how this will be applied to our final piece. Throughout this enquiry, the children will need to develop their drawing and painting skills to create our final piece - a self-portrait in the style of Pablo Picasso.

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Weekly Timetable 2023/24

Key Performance Indicators - Year 1

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