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Welcome to Year 1

Class Teacher: Miss Alam

Spring Term Year 1

To start the spring term off, Year 1 will be focusing on science and Design and Technology (DT). The children will have a surprise from Mike Marshen; he is an alien from the planet Mars. His spaceship crashed on planet Earth, and he now needs to build a home to live in until his alien friends find him. There is a catch: Mike does not know what materials he can find on this strange planet, 'Earth'. Year 1’s challenge is to learn all the different materials to find one with the appropriate properties to help Mike. The strange alien requested that he be by the beach so he could look up into the sky to find his alien friends, but Mike did not know anything about our planet. The children need to teach him how to look after our beaches and planet.


The out of this world science enquiry links amazingly to our DT enquiry where the children will be building something that works or moves to help Mike Marshen get back to planet Mars. Children will be taught the skills they need to plan, do, and review, as well as how to piece their masterpieces together. Mike is so excited to see their finished product and watch them think like designers.


After half-term, we will be going back in time, to history. Now that the children have learned the history of their own lives and the journey they have been on, it is time for them to put their feet in someone else’s shoes. We will be looking into the life of another person, seeing where they fit on our timeline, and learning about their journey in life. Finally, just before the holidays, the children will be learning all about the creation story.


Children, buckle up! This is going to be an exciting and busy spring term! I look forward to your wonderful progress.

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Weekly Timetable 2023/24
Year One Curriculum Enrichment

Key Performance Indicators - Year 1


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