Wrap Around Care

Miniature Golf Balls

After School Club

There will be a range of fun play-based activities linked to the school’s curriculum principles, including: 

  • Physical Activity (e.g. organised ball games, use of play equipment,
    skipping ropes etc)

  • Arts and crafts

  • Team games / Board games

  • Quiet reading etc.

There will also be the opportunity to complete homework tasks.
On occasion, age appropriate (‘U’) films may be shown. 

A range of snacks will be available for children attending After School Club. Healthy Eating Guidelines will be followed and includes wraps or sandwiches with cheese or meat, pasta & sauce, noodles, scones, crackers, vegetables and fruit.

KS1 children will be picked up from their class by a member of the after school team while KS2 children make their own way to the hall at the end of the school day.  Children can be collected any time up to 5.50pm.  

Cost: The cost will be £9.00 per child per session. This is a standard charge per session irrelevant of time of pick up (between the end of school and 5.50pm.) If your child attends an after school club, we can pick them up when this is finished.  However, full payment for the session will still be required.

We are more than happy to answer any queries you have by either popping into one of our sessions or by contacting Lisa Betts via email. asc@shaldonprimary.org

Children will be looked after at after school club by Lisa Betts, Sammi Naish and Sandra Walbyoff

Kid's Art Supplies
Colorful Book Spines
Pink Soccer Ball

We are very pleased to offer a wrap around care for our pupils and families. The provision is run in-house by the school using our existing facilities.


Breakfast Club:       7:45am until beginning of the school day.

After School Club:   3.15 – 5.50pm  


Breakfast Club

Breakfast club children will engage in activities to encourage a calm and yet stimulating start to the morning (reading, playing card games etc. There will be no computers, TV or other screen time at breakfast club.) There will be a healthy breakfast including options of toast, cereal, milk and water.

Cost: The cost will be £3.00 per child per session. This is a standard charge per session irrelevant of time you arrive (between 7.45am and beginning of school.) 

Children will be looked after at breakfast club by Liz Batten and Angela Gibbons.