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Welcome to Year 5

Class Teacher: Miss Pottage

Spring Term Year 5

Over the course of the first part of the spring term, we will begin by studying the forces of gravity and air resistance in science. During this learning enquiry, we will be learning about Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion. As well as that, we will be learning to use a sequence map as our metacognitive tool to record the results of our investigations and write a scientific report on our findings into gravity and air resistance through parachute experiments.


After completing our scientific study, we will be embarking on our design and technology enquiry, where we will develop our own design specifications, explain how our designs are functional and research to improve our designs through the process of ‘plan, do, review’.


To finish the first half term of the spring, we will explore the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy and create our own poems inspired by her unique style.


After the half term break, we will return to history were will be studying the Aztecs. We will discover how the Aztec civilisation grew, and the battle between the Aztecs and the Spanish. Finally, at the end of the spring term, we will embark on our religion and world views enquiry where Year 5 will be looking at Islam; we will aim to answer the question, ‘What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?’


Our PE this term will consist of two lessons per week, one taught by Mr Bradley and the other taught by me. We will be starting with dance where the children will learn to work collaboratively, use specific dance techniques, execute lifts safely and express energetic and dynamic movements to a beat.

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Weekly Timetable 2023/24
Year 5 Curriculum  Enrichment 2023/24
Y5 Writing Expectations

Key Performance Indicators - Year 5

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