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Class Teacher: Mrs Last

Summer 1 Enquiry:

What was the impact of Montezuma II on the world?

Through the gateway of flourishing, year five are going to be building upon their previous learning of the Ancient Greeks and in particular, ancient civilisations, to learn about the impact of the Aztec leader – Montezuma II.


Initially, the children will recap the terms BC and AD before placing the main ancient civilisations on a timeline, thus building on the concept of chronology. We will then focus in on the Aztec period and from their reading research, the children will place the main events from the Aztec era on a timeline, to build up an understanding of this time period. At this point, the children will be building upon the concept of interpretation as they carefully select and use the most reliable sources to gather their information, considering why there may be various accounts for the same event. This is a valuable skill to have when working as a historian. Thus, when the children have a good understanding of these events, they will realise that although there were many leaders, the most influential was that of Montezuma II. Digging deeper, the children will learn about what his time in power and the impact that he had upon the world, again using sources of information accurately.


Once they have gained this deep historical knowledge, the children will plan out the main events of Montezuma’s life on a sequence map which will enable them to communicate their learning in the form of a biography.

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