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Welcome to Year 6

Class Teacher: Mr Claridge

Year 6 in the Autumn term:

Over the course of Autumn 1, Year 6 will be exploring a number of different enquiries and we will be deepening our knowledge and understanding of Art, History and Narrative writing.

We will start the term off with a study on the iconic art work of Grant Wood.  Over the course of the enquiry, children will learn more about portrait art and will have opportunities to develop their understanding of the skills needed to produce high-quality portrait art.  We will look at proportions and dimensions of the human face as well as looking at the way that Wood uses facial expression in his work.

Upon the completion of our art enquiry, Year 6 will begin to explore the fascinating history of the Second World War.  As this is such a vast subject to study in depth, we will predominantly be focussing in on how the war impacted the lives of people living at the time.  We will explore the impact of rationing as well as the ‘land girls’ and ‘dig for victory’ campaigns that were designed to improving living conditions for all civilians.

Year 6 will finish the Autumn term with a narrative writing block where children will learn to hone their abilities to write an engaging short story.  These pieces of writing will be influenced by some of the incredible stories of bravery and determination that are such a huge part of Black History Month. Children will have to carefully plan out how they can use a range of different writing techniques to engage their audience and will have an opportunity to share their writing with parents at the end of the half term.  

Year 6 Autumn
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