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Welcome to Reception Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Jones-Whyte

Autumn 2 Reception


We start this half term working as expert Geographers exploring the question ‘What makes Shaldon GREAT?’ We will be discussing the wonderful features of Shaldon and what makes the village unique. We will also be reflecting on the people we come across in our community and how they help us. There will be lots of map work to do and plotting features on these maps using symbols. Our aim is to think about how we can help protect and keep our local community safe… we will be thinking about the location of our school and how important our lollipop lady is – I wonder if there is a way we can help her further?!

Following this learning journey, we will be finishing the Autumn term wondering how people celebrate special times differently. We will be looking at various acts of worship and celebration across the World and talking about the Christmas story and that Christians celebrate Christmas time.

Reception Class Weekly Timetable 2023/24
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Key Performance Indicators - Foundation Stage

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