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Welcome to Reception Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Jones-Whyte

Summer 1 

This half term sees us working as expert geographers developing our knowledge and skill of the World around us. We will be exploring where our food comes from and reflecting on the role of a farmer. We will be discussing whether we think farms are important and what life would be like without them. We will discover how food is grown and how it travels from land to shops to our cupboards and fridges. We will be taking our learning even deeper and looking at farms in another country. Are animals on farms important? Can we survive without farms? All questions to be explored and steered by the children.

Each day, we will be pushing our learning balloons and wonder what it means to be a responsible learner. We will discuss the idea of ‘flourishing’ and what it means to flourish in all we do.

Reception Class Weekly Timetable

Key Performance Indicators - Foundation Stage

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