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Class Teacher: Mrs Jones-Whyte

This learning journey is an opportunity for children to discover their place in our immediate environment. Through working as a team of professional geographers, the children will discover what ‘geography’ means to them and the importance of exploring and knowing about our locality.  

The children will work as an expert team in a Tourist Information centre. We will have clients call us wondering whether they should visit Shaldon or not. As a team, therefore, we need expert knowledge and skills to provide the answers! (We think they should!) We will need to learn about the key features of our school community and the village of Shaldon. We will discuss what is meant by human and physical features of an environment and we will discover the important roles of the people we may come across in our community. We might have a visit from a curious guest... sadly lost from his environment and needing our help to find his way home. We will need our expert knowledge on features to help him! 

As the children’s geographical knowledge and skills develop throughout the enquiry, the children will also develop rich vocabulary to answer our main question – What makes Shaldon GREAT? 

Our next enquiry leading up to Christmas break will help us to understand that people have different beliefs and celebrate special times in different ways. Our enquiry question will be: Why is Christmas special for Christians? We will be reflecting on this together and exploring the Christmas story through our Nativity presentation which we will be performing at the Church.

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