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Class Teacher: Mrs Cairns

Reception Class will be starting the summer term exploring all things mini-beast related! As the weather is warming up, we will be pulling on our sunhats and garden gloves; we can't wait to go out and explore our school allotment and local park in search of creepy crawlies. We're building on our prior learning because we learnt about habitats and animal adaptation in the spring term. Now we know what a habitat is, we'll dig deeper (quite literally) and explore the teeny, tiny creatures within.


We'll be sorting, classifying and learning about all of the amazing jobs minibeasts do for our eco-system. We'll be planning what to grow in our school allotment and what pollinators we'll need to attract. That means we will be able to grow the tallest sunflowers, the juiciest tomatoes and the spindliest beanstalks!


At the end of this enquiry, we will be showing what fabulous team-players we are, by building a giant-sized bug hotel for our allotment. We'll be taking other children on a tour of the site, to show them how we have demonstrated citizenship and made a positive difference to ourselves, others and the world around us.

Summer Term 2022

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