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Leadership Team

Jenny Stewart

Headteacher, SENCo & 
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Adam Claridge

Deputy Headteacher & KS2 Lead

Tom Hodgson

Year 2 Teacher & KS1 Lead

Admin Team

Catherine O'Connell

Office Administrator

Charlotte Stoyle

Office Administrator &
Clerk to Governors

Key Stage 1


Mrs Jones-Whyte

Reception Teacher, Phonics and Reading Lead

Miss Alam

Year 1 Teacher

Mr Hodgson

Year 2 Teacher, KS1 Lead


Angela Gibbons

Teaching Assistant

Louise Williams

Teaching Assistant

Nada Salcova

Teaching Assistant

Lisa Betts

Teaching Assistant and Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead

SEND and Safeguarding Team

Tom Hodgson  

Sarah Acher

SENDco Assistant and Safeguarding Officer

Wendy Parr

ACE Head of Safeguarding & Inclusion

Support Team

Vinny Walke

Catering Assistant

Liz Batten

Catering Assistant

Phil McEntee


Michelle Sidell

School Crossing Patrol

Key Stage 2

Mrs Fletcher

Year 3 Teacher

Miss Heyward

Year 4 Teacher 

Miss Pottage

Year 5 Teacher 

Mr Claridge 

Year 6 Teacher, KS2 Lead

Deputy Headteacher

Emily Hindley

Teaching Assistant 

Sammi Naish

Teaching Assistant

Sandra Walbyoff

Teaching Assistant

Tracey Rowland

Teaching Assistant

Romany Nolan

Teaching Assistant

Our Staff

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