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Welcome to Year 4

Class Teacher: Mr Claridge

This half term, Year 4 are going to be learning more about geography as we discover the wonders of the Alps.  We will be studying this spectacular region in Europe and learning more about how the mountains were formed, how their climate changes through the year and the impact that this has on tourism in the region. Our outcome for this learning will be creating a quality leaflet that showcases the Alps and the different options for tourists.


After geography, we will be studying cultural diversity with our book focus for the half term being the wonderful story 'The Boy at the Back of the Class' by Onjali Q. Raúf.  Following on from that, we will be looking at Hinduism and what it means to be a Hindu in Britain today.


In maths, we will be learning to use our formal methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division again.  This year we will be extending ourselves and will be calculating with numbers up to 10,000.  We will also explore area and use our multiplication facts to learn more about how to calculate this in the most efficient way possible. 


In PE, we will be learning to control our bodies through gymnastics.  We will look at balancing in different ways, moving at different heights and jumping and landing safely on the floor, benches and different apparatus. 

Weekly Timetable 2022/23
Annual Planner 2022 / 23

Key Performance Indicators - Year 4

Key Performance Indicators - Year 4


Key Performance Indicators - Year 4


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