Welcome to Year 4

Class Teachers: Miss Queiroz

Our first enquiry question this term is How can I set up a fair test to investigate magnetic forces? The children have been busy learning about magnets and exploring how to be scientist by using their science skills of researching, classifying materials, making predictions, designing fair tests and analysing results. Their final outcome is to write a scientific report with details of the fair test they have planned. I have already seen some fantastic writing taking place!


After science, the children will go back to being historians. We will be exploring the local history of Shaldon, with particular focus on the Shaldon Ferry. The children will locate this iconic local feature on a timeline, analyse its historical significance, interpret different sources and explore how it has helped shape the town we know today. Their final outcome is to create a leaflet promoting the ferry and showing off their writing skills. 


The enquiry after half-term will be focused on digestion and nutrition. After that, the children will combine DT and computing to design, trial and evaluate a product.


We have started a new series of activities at school called the 99 club. Our goal is to support the children with mental maths and learning multiplication tables. The children will start on the 33 club or 44 club and will be given 10 minutes to complete the problems. If they manage to get them all correct within that time, they move up to the next club. Feel free to use these at home to support your child's learning. 


Please also see attached one of the spelling activities using Letterjoin, the handwriting scheme we use at school. We are also uploading the KPI - the Key Performance Indicator - for English and Maths. These documents are used to track children's progress by determining what should be achieved in Year 4. 


Last by not least, a few words about MFL. So far, the children have studying directions and exploring different places in town. This term we have started studying the vocabulary and sentences used when going shopping. We will later combine both and explore a map, giving each other directions to buy specific products. I also wanted to share with you some of the vocabulary the children have been exploring:


un supermarché 

une pâtisserie

une boulangerie

un hôpital

une poste

une bibliothèque

un collège

un parc

une église

une rivière




A gauche

A droite

Tout droit


You can also find attached a comprehensive list of food items, along with a very useful flowchart to indicate what someone likes and doesn't like to eat.


As usual, please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions!

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