Sonny - Year 2
Sam - Year 4
Pandora - Year 6
Freya - Year 2
Catherine - Year 4
Travis - Year 6
Elin - Year 3
Mabel - Year 5
Jack - Year 6
Orrie - Year 3
Oliver - Year 5
Faith - Year 6

School Council

Our School Council are selected in their year groups, with one girl and one boy from years 2 - 5, plus two girls and two boys from year 6 making 12 members in total. Children who are interested in standing put their name forward. The younger classes then discuss the qualities which make a good school councillor, such as kindness, thoughtfulness, a good listener and sensible, while in Year 6, the children present a short speech to their class about why they would like to be a school councillor. Every class then vote on who they would like to represent their class.

Over the years the school council have achieved so much. Highlights include petitioning for mirrors in the student toilets, tree planting at the Botanical Gardens and creating activities for the monkeys at Shaldon Zoo. The school council also regularly organise fundraising events, raising funds for worthwhile charities and the school council budget.

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