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The School Day

8.40am – Main gates open

8.50am – Gates close/registration begins,
Parents to leave at this time via the main gate registers taken children marked late if not present.

10.15am Morning Break

12 noon – 1pm Lunch

3.15pm – School day finishes. 

Reception and Year 1 children to be collected from the teacher and/or teaching assistant. Older pupils will be escorted to the playground by their teacher. Teachers are available after school if you want to discuss any matters with them. Any children who are not collected by 3.30pm will be supervised in the Reception area.  


Regular school attendance is an important part of giving your child the best possible start in life. If you have a difficulty getting your child to school, please make an appointment with Mrs Parr, who monitors attendance and lateness.

  • There are 365 days a year – you only have to attend school for 190 of those.  That leaves 175 days to do everything else.

  • If you are 5 minutes late every day… that adds up to 3 days lost per year

  • If you are 15 minutes late every day… that adds up to almost 10 days lost every year

  • If you are absent from school for 1 day a week throughout your school life… you will be missing 2 years of your education

  • If you are absent from school for 1 day every half a term throughout your whole school life, you will miss, in total, 3 months of education

  • 90% attendance throughout your school life = missing 1 whole year of education

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