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Geography – Our content, aims and concepts

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Geography at Shaldon Primary

Shaldon Primary School is set in village, on the south bank of the estuary of the River Teign, opposite Teignmouth. Using our locality to develop an awe and wonder about the natural world is central to our geography curriculum. We believe it is of utmost importance for our children to develop a strong understanding of place. Starting in reception, our children understand features of their immediate, local environment. This is built upon throughout KS1 and KS2, with children recognising how physical, social and economic factors impact the regional, national and global environments. Geographers at Shaldon have an understanding about the challenges faced at these levels and how their actions impact the world around them. However, with their sense of social responsibility and respect for diversity, our children have a willingness to engage in sensitive and controversial issues.

GEOGRAPHY – Examples of Geography Learning Experiences at Shaldon Primary

GEOGRAPHY – Examples of Geography Learning Journals

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