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Our EYFS Offer -Our Principles for EYFS Excellence


Our ACE EYFS Curriculum empowers and inspires children to be curious, empathetic, determined and unique individuals through cultivating their character.  Children flourish in our Early Years settings because our teachers provide language rich experiences and put children’s individual needs at the forefront.  We endeavour to provide outstanding learning environments that excite and challenge our youngest learners to try different experiences and develop their thinking skills.  At ACE, we believe that parents and families are an integral part of our learning community and that education is a fascinating journey that we take together.

Inspiring Learning environment

Our welcoming classroom is a happy and vibrant learning environment where our youngest children settle quickly and thrive. It is vital for us that children feel confident to explore, investigate, ponder and wonder in a safe and nurturing space. The seven areas of learning are celebrated in creative ways allowing our children to develop their character, independence and curiosity.

Our outdoor provision is an extension of the classroom space – allowing children further opportunities to collaborate and discover together in exciting ways. We encourage our children to be resourceful, reflecting on the materials or tools they need to be successful in their learning zones. Our environment offers children different opportunities to continually practice and embed new skills and knowledge.

High Quality Enhancements

Our learning enhancements are planned carefully to meet the individual needs of our cohort and ensure they have opportunities to apply new knowledge and skills.  We believe that children need a planned sequential curriculum giving them the firm foundations to continue their learning into KS1 and beyond.

We aim to:

• Base our EYFS Curriculum on evidence-based research that is proven to have a profound impact on children’s development.

• Provide play-based and purposeful experiences that cultivate children’s confidence, independence and the ability to make positive relationships with others.

• Nurture children so that they develop physically, cognitively, emotionally and we ensure they are given a myriad of opportunities to express themselves in an environment that values all cultures communities and people.

• Build constructive, lasting and supportive partnerships with parents so that we can work together to ensure children’s wellbeing and academic excellence.

• Review and assess, then plan for individual, small group and balanced guided interaction with both direct teaching and child-led activities so that every child’s individual needs are met and all children make good progress.

• Ensure our Early Years curriculum puts an emphasis on embedding self-regulation and thinking strategies, such as the “Plan, Do, Review” approach because evidence shows these abilities are consistently linked with successful learning.

• Offer ambitious and inspiring learning environments that encourage children to be leaders of their learning and promote a life-long love of gaining new and exciting knowledge.

EYFS – Examples of EYFS Learning Experiences at Shaldon Primary School

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