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Music Lessons

We offer opportunities for children to learn a variety of instruments with specialist teachers, who visit the school on a weekly basis.

Lessons are available with Helen Sargent.  Please contact Helen directly and ask for your child’s name to be put on the waiting list. She can advise how long it might take.

Cost: £9.60 for 20 minute individual lesson; this is charged by the term.

Lessons held in school time on Mondays, Thursdays or Fridays.

Children must have an instrument to practice on at home and the first term of lessons is usually a trial period.

Helen Sargent, CTABRSM, BA(Hons) 

t: 01392 412452 


Brass & Clarinet, Cornet, Trumpet, Baritone, French Horn. Lessons are with our Music Teacher Mrs Price. 

Lisa Price is an experienced brass, clarinet and class music teacher, teaching over many years in local schools.

  • Individual lessons - 20 minutes - £10

  • Individual lessons - 30 minutes - £15

  • Shared lessons - £5 (subject to appropriate numbers wishing to learn)

Please contact Lisa directly for further details by email:


Lessons are available with Ginnie Cutler.  If you are interested please call Ginnie with your name and mobile number and she will be in touch when a place is available.

Generally, lessons start in Year 3, as before this their hands are too small.

Tuition details:

  • 30 lessons per academic year.

  • Lessons = 20mins - £105 per term

  • Lessons = 30 mins - £125 per term 

  • Group lessons* (2 max) = 30 mins = £80 per term

Ginnie is happy to advise you on the size of guitar your child needs.

Lessons are held in school time on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Payment is directly to Ginnie upon invoice once lessons commence.

Ginnie Cutler t: 01392 256904 

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