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At Shaldon Primary, we have a genuine desire for our pupils to make the very best of themselves. Although we recognise that academic success is important, we also believe that for education to be successful, it has to be about preparing children for life. To do this we wish to secure a passion for learning as well as an ability to think independently. 


Our desire is to develop the character of our pupils so that they are kind, respectful and responsible. Our core values of determination, aspiration, passion, excellence, friendship and responsibility really matter to us.

We have designed our own curriculum which aims to give the pupils a chance to experience many opportunities, meet experts and perhaps find a passion which will be lifelong. The arts and sport are an intrinsic part of our curriculum and we place great importance on these subjects. We also believe that our children should develop an understanding of the wider world, their place within it and how they will make a positive difference.

All of our staff are committed to developing the character of the children through encouraging them to work hard, embracing the struggles of learning, accepting that mistakes are part of the journey to personal excellence. We aim for this excellence in all that we do, recognising that it is the gradual result of always striving to do better. We believe wholeheartedly that for education to be successful, our children will flourish not only academically but through their love of learning.

This website gives you a glimpse of the school and you are warmly invited to visit us yourself to find out more about Shaldon Primary School.

Jenny Stewart, Headteacher

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