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MFL – Our content, aims and concepts

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MFL at Shaldon

Our twin town is Perros-Guirec in France, and so the links with France, it’s culture and history, make French the ideal focus for our MFL programme of study. Furthermore, we have a number of children at the school for whom French is their native language or mother tongue. The benefits for our pupils in learning French are numerous, and the opportunities afforded to us enable our teaching staff to bring the language to life, with real-world relevance. Our aim is for all pupils to have an opportunity to communicate independently within each lesson, applying the disciplinary and substantive knowledge that has been taught. As a result, pupils will build increasing confidence, fluency and understanding of how to communicate independently and construct simple conversations in another language across this programme of study whilst broadening their appreciation of French culture.

MFL – Examples of MFL at Shaldon Primary

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