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Welcome to Year 2

Class Teacher: Mrs Fletcher

We will be investigating what Shaldon is like as a place to visit on holiday. We will be comparing to the neighbouring town of Teignmouth as we look as physical and human geographical features of the two places. We will use compasses in the playground and work out where North is. We will also locate the four countries in the UK using a map and investigate where Devon and Shaldon sit within the map. Our outcome will involve the children writing and performing an advert which encourages holiday makers to come to our lovely town. The children will be persuasive in their writing and use exciting vocabulary as well as using drama to convey the message.


For two weeks we will be looking at our British values and asking the question: Why are British Values Important?

We will be studying the book ‘Sulwe’ by Lupita Nyong’o and finding out if our children have ever felt different and asking how it felt. We will be focussing on tolerance and respect through the subject of diversity. The outcome will be a narrative to celebrate differences.


For the final two weeks our enquiry will be RE. We will be questioning how different faiths celebrate this time of year. We will investigate symbolism through Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism.

Weekly Timetable 2022
Annual Planner 2022 / 23

Key Performance Indicators - Year 2


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