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Welcome to Year 2

Class Teacher: Mr Hodgson

Spring Term

This term in Year 2 kicks off with a focus on Science and Design and Technology (DT). In Science we are building on the work we did in the autumn term on animals by looking at food chains. We will be exploring food chains in our locality and heading back to Ness Woods to find out what living things reside there. We'll be thinking scientifically, making predictions and testing a hypothesis. This will result in us writing a scientific report using all the new knowledge and vocabulary we've learnt. 


The Science learning will lead nicely into DT where we will be making bird feeders for the class garden following the design, construct, evaluate process. Children will learn the necessary DT skills but will be expected to work independently, ensuring that they think and reflect like a designer. I'm sure the finished products will be amazing!


After half-term we return to History, looking at the 1588 defeat of Armada and how this significant local event impacted not only the people of Devon but the entire country. We will re-enact the battle and write a descriptive piece to showcase our historical knowledge and fantastic writing skills.


Just before the Easter holiday we will be focusing on RE and will work towards answering the question, 'Why does Easter matter to Christians?' We will be trying to understand these Christian beliefs, make connections and understand the impact of the Easter story.

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Weekly Timetable 2023-24
Year 2 Curriculum Enrichment 23/24

Key Performance Indicators - Year 2

Year 2 Writing 2023-24
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