Welcome to Year 2

Class Teacher: Mr Brice

This term, Year 2 are getting all green fingered by investigating how to grow the healthiest plants. We’ll be learning to be good scientists by conducting fair tests, observing closely and learning lots of new scientific vocabulary. We’ll culminate our learning by growing our own specially chosen vegetables in the school’s new vegetable plot and employing all that we’ve learnt to ensure the plants grow as well as possible. We’ll also create a poster to let you in on what we’ve found out. We’ve been visiting the allotments in Shaldon to give us ideas on what we should do.


This term we’re reading George’s Marvellous Medicine and we’ll be moving on to the stunning and thought-provoking ‘how to live forever’ once we’ve found out how George’s medicine turns out.

Key Performance Indicators - Year 2


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