Welcome to Year 2

Class Teacher: Victoria Jones-Whyte

In Year 2 this Autumn term, our learning will take us on a journey of discovery about our precious World and our place in it. We will become geographers, studying how our world is made up and reflecting on the effects of Climate Change and what we can do about it. As scientists, we will explore this theme further by heading to the Arctic to research Polar Bears, their habitat and behaviours. We will be studying Devon-based artist, Jane Perkins, and discussing how she uses ‘Found Materials’ to create her unique art. We will link our learning on looking after our precious World and create our own art piece using ‘Found Materials’, giving them a new life in an artistic form.

It will be a term of reflecting, debating, theorising and questioning as we take our learning deeper working as a responsible and resilient Year 2 team.

Key Performance Indicators - Year 2


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