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Class Teacher: Victoria Jones-Whyte

The Year 2 historians will start the Summer Term going back to a significant time in history – the year 1912, when R.M.S Titanic, the “unsinkable ship”, tragically never reached its destination of New York. As historians, we will be studying this event and placing it on a timeline linked to our other areas of historical understanding.

We will be asking and answering questions and learning about the impact of such a significant event. What happened as a result of this tragedy? How has life changed because of what happened that fateful night in 1912?

At the end of this enquiry, we will be compiling all our new knowledge and skills in the form of a written report as we reflect on life on board the Titanic, its journey and tragic ending. We will also be exploring how the Titanic affected those closest to us – how might Shaldon, for example, be linked to the Titanic?

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