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Welcome to Year 3

Class Teacher: Mrs Fletcher

Year 3 – Autumn Term 1


Year 3 will start the Autumn Term with a three-week art enquiry. We will be looking at the question: How can I paint a bridge in the style of Claude Monet? The children will learn about the artist, Claude Monet and all about his art. They will critique his style and compare it to the artist they learned about in Year Two; Paul Cezanne. Then, we will revisit colour mixing and creating different tones with colour. The children will choose a picture of a bridge (such as the clapper bridge we visited in Postbridge, in Year 2) to begin to experiment with texture, just like Monet.

We will practise using perspective by drawing the landscape from the playground. The art enquiry will culminate with a whole-school art exhibition on 20th October, where the children can show off their fabulous art.


The history enquiry will focus on the lived experiences of people from the Stone Age. The golden thread throughout the history experience will be how people lived and why. I am hoping that at some point, we might go to Postbridge visitor centre again where there is a Stone Age walk. I feel this would be a valuable experience which will add context to the children’s learning.


The final week will be focusing on black history. We will discuss people who changed history. We will learn about Rosa Parks and how her actions changed segregation laws.


The novel we will be starting with will be, ‘The Wild Way Home’ by Sophie Kirtley. The story is about a little girl who finds herself in the Stone Age and how she manages to survive in the new life she has found herself in.

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