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Miss Alam

I am delighted to be joining the fantastic team at Shaldon Primary School this year.

I want to support children to grow into independent and happy life-long learners. I love learning about new things and have recently completed my BA (Hons) in Child Development and Education. Throughout my own learning journey, I have had the privilege to have experienced working alongside talented, nurturing teachers; this has shaped me into the positive, cheerful, fun, person I am today.

I want children to have a positive and creative learning environment where they feel confident and safe enough to explore. Through making positive friendships, collaborating ideas, exploration learning and reflecting. I believe children will become successful and independent individuals and learners.

Outside of school, you will find me baking cakes or enjoying walks outside with a coffee in hand. I also enjoy listening and singing to music.

I am very excited to be helping the children to grow and be a part of all of their amazing learning journeys.

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