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KS2 visit Bygones

KS2 have been incredibly lucky this term and went to visit Bygones in Babbacombe to immerse ourselves into the world of World War One!

We began the day with a tour guide who showed us different artefacts and explained how each one was used and what it was for. The one we were most shocked and intrigued by was the death penny! Did you know, if a family member died in the war, you would be sent a huge penny with the family member’s name on it?

Once we had seen all the different medals and artefacts, we travelled back in time and went into a trench! As we stepped inside, we heard shouting, crying, guns and bombs. We were surrounding by soldiers who were scared, soldiers fighting, and many soldiers injured. It made us realise just how horrible and terrifying life must have been.

We gained so much insight from our time at Bygones that we are even more excited to be carrying on with our topic once we were back at school.

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