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Coronavirus Advice: Staffing Update and Current Guidelines 18.3.20

Dear Parent / Carer,

Coronavirus Advice: Staffing Update and Current Guidelines 18.3.20

We hope you are all looking after yourselves at this worrying time. Here is our daily update regarding the impact of Coronavirus at Shaldon Primary School.

As a quick reminder, we are posting the latest government guidance for the UK:

If you have a new persistent cough, ISOLATE


If you have a temperature of 37.8 or above, ISOLATE

You don't have to have both symptoms together.

ISOLATION - this is for a full 14 days for everybody in a household. Mum, Dad, siblings. Nobody should be going out / going to work spreading the virus. You should not be coming into contact with anybody outside of your household and you should not receive visitors.

If one of your household is symptomatic towards the end of the 14 days, only that individual must restart their isolation period and remain isolated for a full 7 days, even if it crosses the end of the household's 14 day isolation period - eg if an individual shows symptoms on day 12 of the household isolation period, just that individual must remain in isolation until day 19.

Staffing Update:

At Shaldon Primary School, a number of our staff members, including Mrs Stewart, have self-isolated as precautionary measures. Our staff who are in self-isolation, where they can, are working from home to prepare on-line learning resources for children and are supporting staff at school by marking test papers, for example.

We are fortunate in that at this point in time, we still have sufficient staff members available who can cover our classes. The team of staff at Shaldon Primary School have been doing a terrific job in very challenging circumstances; I am immensely proud of their flexibility, professionalism and commitment to the children.

If circumstances change and we are required to consider a partial or a full closure, owing to further reductions in staffing, we will keep you updated as soon as possible.

We will continue to update our school website regularly and would recommend you use this as your first point of reference. However, if you do have any queries that cannot be answered here, please contact the school office at

Best regards,

School Office

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