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Maths This week, we’ll finish off area and perimeter by looking at measuring perimeter and calculating it. This should take 2-3 lessons. Attached are the WRM worksheets and the pictures of the reasoning challenges. You’ll need to print the pictures and chop up the answers before photocopying.

I’ve attached an arithmetic test for the children to complete. Spend another lesson identifying mistakes and addressing misconceptions. I’m happy to pick up this to mark.

Finally, I’ve attached a nice challenge activity around perimeter where the children can make interesting shapes. This should reinforce how to measure perimeter and their measuring length skills.

Writing/learning journey I’d like the children to publish a holiday leaflet on Costa Rica. The pieces of writing are in their journal to be written up and they are:

• Introduction • Food • Climate

They should include a drawn map of Costa Rica as well as other drawings. If there is time, the children can write an additional section on the activities there are to do in Costa Rica.

The children should be including these in their writing:

• Fronted adverbials • Superlatives • Rhetorical questions • Commas in a list • Descriptive language

SPAG I’ve uploaded assignments for practising superlatives and fronted adverbials to Seesaw for children to respond to. Don’t forget, you can add audio commentary to your work as well.

Reading I’ve attached three reading comprehensions to work through. In addition, please complete the Seesaw assignment where you take a picture of the book you’re reading at the moment and record yourself telling me what it’s about. Reviewing books will probably become a regular feature going forwards.

Spelling I’ve attached the spelling scheme – please test the children on the prefix ‘dis’ (page 64 onwards) on Tuesday. There are a number of activities there they can do.

From Wednesday onwards, practise the prefix ‘mis’ with them (page 70 onwards). Spelling shed will have these spellings on if they want to practise online.

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