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Letter from Cheryl Weyman CEO

19th March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

You will now be aware that the Government has announced that schools will be closed "until further notice". The announcement also stated that schools, wherever possible, will remain open for the children of keyworkers as well as for vulnerable children.

The challenging times that we face together are unprecedented. However, The Academy for Character and Excellence (ACE) remains true to our purpose which is to continue to work together in collaborative partnerships, and to support our community wherever possible. This is crucial now to ensure that frontline workers can continue to provide vital services to all of us.

We are fortunate to have both excellent schools and committed staff in our Trust. We are working together, although on a reduced staffing level, to combine our strengths to continue to best support both you as parents and your children.

Individual schools have and will continue to keep you updated with ongoing arrangements for your child's education. Families with specific needs will have been contacted by headteachers to ensure arrangements are in place on a daily basis including the Easter holidays. All other children will need to embark on learning at home from Monday. Schools have been preparing learning packs for all children in preparation for school closure on Monday next week as well as access to online learning.

It is my responsibility to work to try to ensure our ongoing commitment to providing a quality first education is fulfilled. The Senior Leadership Team are working hard to support headteachers, all staff, parents and pupils in the Trust.

We recognise that communication is integral to this. Over the next few weeks, you will receive a number of documents designed to offer guidance and support to both parents and children working at home. This information can be accessed through your child's school website. We will continue to offer practical advice regarding how you can work in close collaboration with your children and the teachers, as well as planning documents relating to curriculum areas being covered.

I am sure that you all have a number of questions and concerns and I would ask you at this time to be patient whilst headteachers work to put into place our plans for ongoing support.

Given the speed of advice and changes, we are having to respond on a day to day basis and whilst headteachers would love to have all of the answers now, they are nevertheless working tirelessly with their teams on plans for the immediate future.

I recognise the challenges you are all facing and would like to thank you for your trust in us and your patience as we respond to the exceptional uncertainties presented to us.

With best wishes,

Cheryl Weyman CEO The Academy for Character and Excellence

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