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Pupils learn about WW1 at Teign Heritage Centre

On Monday, pupils in Year 3 and 4 visited Teign Heritage Centre as part of their learning journey. Each class arrived full of eagerness and curiosity. Our tour guides made us feel instantly welcomed and settled the classes in to give them a brief overview of ‘The Great War’ and, specifically, women in the war. The trip comprised of three different sections within the museum and the classes were split into groups to ensure that they got time on each activity. One group set off and learned about different artefacts and daily life in WW1. The children even got to try some authentic flapjacks from the time. In the second group, the children got to make a poppy (after learning about its significance) coupled with a message to a fallen hero from the local area. In the final group, the children were able to dress up in some wartime outfits as well as learning how to dress a head wound and how to make a rudimentary sling.

Overall, the trip was a huge success and a huge thank you must go out to Teign Heritage Centre and its volunteers for making the day so engaging. The children certainly learned a lot and it has benefitted them in their learning journey.

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