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Year 5 Learning at home

Hi everyone!

What a strange world we are waking up to this week! I will be trying to make things as normal as possible you and hopefully these instructions will help you get through the work this week.

Maths – for each day there is a maths arithmetic task and a maths worksheet task based on decimals. Children will be very familiar with the layout of the maths worksheets as they have seen them a lot in class and comes from the white rose trust. There are some extra maths challenges for those that want them.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) – this is a quick brush on grammar skills for the week and comes in three flavours - super (easy), mega (middle) and ultra (hard). There will be one of these per week. The answers on the second sheet, try not to look at them until you’ve had a good go!

Reading – There are 3 reading comprehensions – 1 for fiction, 1 for non-fiction and one for poetry. The answers are on the second sheet, but again, try to give it a good go first!

Writing – we will be building up to a writing task on Wednesday so for Monday and Tuesday practise the skills of expanded noun phrases, similes, metaphors, relative clauses, parenthesis and speech using the lessons. I will post a model example on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Keep things going with you TT rockstars, spellings and accelerated reader tests.

I’ve also recorded the last few chapters of our class reader ‘Time Travelling with a hamster’ and put them on the OneDrive link on class dojo, the school website and here -!ArKkD_pCcsP1gepv2VmT8_FzNV134g?e=faMH7S

I will be recording chapters from our new book ‘The Rooftoppers’ chosen by Eva in the same place – don’t be put off by my weird sounding voice!

If you need to get in touch try with my email

In some cases, it may be easier to call my mobile – 07940216645 – If it is after 3.30pm I will hopefully be able to answer. When I’m working from home, I will be much more available.

This will be new for everyone, so please let me know if something is not working and I will try to change it.

Mr Rees

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